because it shouldn't have to be
an acquired taste.

About Us

Why “HillJack”:
Our small town nature loving founder was a bit too geeky to go by Hillbilly. He starting making HillJack wine to drink with his beer buddies. It seemed more affordable than buying wine and he wasn’t much of a beer drinker. With a few years of trial and error Matt came up with something all together different that tasted great but was not quite what most would call "high class" traditional grape wine.

Manufacturing Only
Early on the founders of HillJack™ chose to focus on supporting their brand and resellers instead of building their own winery.

Our Mission
To create jobs and provide a better life for our employees, while creating enough profit to preserve as much farm and wilderness land as possible.

HillJack Wines Available

Navarre Drive Thru & Liquor Store
708 N Main St,
Navarre, OH 44662

Contact HillJack

HillJack™ wine is available directly to all bars and retail locations in Stark County and the Northern most part of Tuscarawas County Ohio.
If you own a retail location or bar in or near Stark County Ohio and are interested in carrying HillJack™ contact us at 1(844)42-Get-HJ.